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You in the Third Person

I was watching a program on NDE (near death experience(s)) and the gentleman speaking who had undergone the NDE said while he was in his NDE state, he could see his life in great detail wholly objectively from above. He said he looked down and saw collective elements of his life present and past. He saw the good and the bad he had done but was able to watch himself impassively. He could see that certain of his actions were bad and certain actions were good, but there was a neutrality in his self to what he saw. He was watching himself from above as the universe watches us, knowing clearly what is connecting or destructive in our actions, and seeing the resultant consequences. He was privy to the secret of the universe: it is well aware of the entirety of our picture, and our being and behavior have meaning and consequences.

What if we could see ourselves as such? What if we could impassively observe ourselves as in a film, with the emotionality turned off, just a feeling of acknowledgement of what we saw? We might simply objectively want to rectify the negative and accentuate the positive, knowing that the negative contributed really nothing beneficial to the whole – we could see our immaturity and stupidity clearly – and the positive enhanced the whole, leading to the possibility of being in this unified and unconditional space called "heaven." If we could see ourselves unfiltered, from a place of neutral objectivity, and recognize with crystal clarity what wasn’t good about our selves and our behaviors, how potentially transformative could that be?

It may not be that hard to shift a little into that mindset. All it really takes is agreeing to step out of one’s self to look at one’s self in the third person, as one would any other individual. Who am I, this person? How do I this person behave? Am I this person being kind and compassionate, or leaving a trail of misery in my wake? In seeing yourself in the third person, you can come to realize very simply how easy and fundamental it is to do good. It’s as simple as a choice, watching yourself as the protagonist in your film make the right decision before the universe. For, something from above is watching us, indeed.


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