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A Garden of Hope

When we are diagnosed with something, it can be a shock. We can be propulsed into a dark place, grieving the loss of who we thought we were and how much tough time we thought we had left. It is so easy when young to disregard time; but with a diagnosis we come face to face with the idea that time is fixed and we are mortal.

We can choose two routes, especially depending on the urgency of the diagnosis. We can choose to feel disempowered, or we can consider our situation a wake-up-call meant for righting or improvement. Choosing the latter doesn't yield instantaneous or automatic outcomes, it requires dedicated effort over time. Yet, if we recognize this seed of having the opportunity and gift of trying to stabilize or improve things, we can ultimately cultivate a new garden.

Something to keep in mind, when hoping to get back on our feet, is to be open-minded as to what got us into our circumstance to begin with, and what might really help us get back out. We need to be humble to undergoing some trial and error as we feel and research our way forward. We need to be truthful about our attitudes, our action and inaction, our dependencies, and our habits. We need to honor that we are spiritual beings cloaked in physical bodies, responsible for our thoughts and emotions as well as cultivating our capacity for differing levels of consciousness connecting us to the universe. We need to remember that our healing will come from a candid assessment of our traumas, our woundedness, our coping mechanisms, our malnourishment, and our imbalances – all in every form, mental, spiritual, physical and emotional. And we need to remember we are all on a journey of discovery about our souls.

I write this to give hope to those who have just been diagnosed. Each of us needs to hear that we can get to something better, that with a repurposing of our intentions and goals, we can achieve aspects of healing, even the miraculous. It isn’t easy to be diagnosed with anything, but we should never give up on the hope for a meaningful betterment.


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