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Death Valley


The world around us is based on denying death. We know very little about death, our view is one-sided and fearful. We are very much reluctant to study death, to understand its nuances and meaning, to allow it to have meaning. But nonetheless, because it is the only certain entity in our lives, even if we ignore it, even if we pretend it doesn't exist, it demands more meaning from us than life. In fact, death is what gives meaning to life.


This site was born out of the understanding that death as the uncharted frontier is the most important determinant of our living. Death isn't a quick decline at the end of life but the process which begins right after birth. Death is not an evil, or a cruel monster, but a misunderstood entity which desperately needs enlightenment.

This site is for those curious about death, longing for original answers and fresh insight that they just can't find anywhere else. For, it is only in facing mortality squarely that we really begin to understand ourselves, our purpose, and our universe. The Palliative Post is a one-of-a-kind resource for all things palliative, every spiritual, physical, metaphysical, emotional, mental, and medical aspect of what death inspires us to think, feel, and do. It is the site of dying which will push you to think fully about death and its beautiful influence on helping us to improve our humanity.

Thank you for stopping by.

Disclaimer: this site is for entertainment/leisure purposes only; the opinions within are only that, opinions, and not meant to constitute medical or professional advice in any case.

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