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Something Bad

Something strange has happened in the last few years. I've begun to hate the sound of trees coming down. It's a horrible sound to me, like the destruction of something vital - the ripping crack of the branches of an established being, the foundation-shaking thud of its trunk being felled to the ground, the pulverizing of its body into chips and dust. It provokes a sick feeling in my gut. We're doing something bad.

I am acutely aware of the clear-cutting occurring all around, done under the guise of "building." I'm not sure when the current trend of obliteration started, but no one is building within nature anymore; so-called professional builders raze entire lots, clear-cut everything down to unsightly stumps and dust. Gone in the blink of an eye are those centenarian oaks and tulip trees which allow us to breathe, which hold oceans of moisture for us, and cool us down mentally and physically.

We need to stop. It's a terrifying destruction on steroids all for greed. There is absolutely no reason we should be destroying to this extent to "build." And lest we think it of no importance, a mere trifle like our polluted oceans or our melting glaciers, just pay closer attention to the heavier monsoon-like rains, the increasingly hotter atmosphere with nowhere to find shade, and the worsening unbreathable quality of our air.

Trees and their collectives of woods and forests are vital to our being, to our existence. Unbeknownst to most of us they are the calming panacea to most of our ailments. They are living and suspiring benevolent giants who appear silent but are in the greatest communication with us. Their apparent silence makes us think they are nothing, mute and dumb beasts, but if we don't stop destroying them on a massive scale we are the fools who will pay the price.


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