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Discussing Death

Death determines everything. We may pay such a comment modest lip service, articulating things like ‘Carpe Diem,’ but until we feel the statement to the depths of our soul we won’t understand. We won’t know that the instant we are born we begin our physical depreciation, a deterioration against which we toil to hedge towards longevity. We won’t know that life isn’t even a blink of God’s eye and that we don’t have time to ignore the necessary lessons from our karmic wounds that we are here to learn. We won’t know that learning these lessons is actually the grand purpose to life. We are here to master overcoming our seemingly crippling karmic wounds manifested often in our early years and triggered along our remaining time by key transformational periods.

Because I understand that the instant I was born I began dying, I understand that I have limited time to work on my issues and get things right, in balance in this lifetime, in likely preparation for the next level after death transforms me. I understand that all of us are here to accomplish this and are at various stages of comprehending and enacting this. I understand that the shimmering beacon of my journey is an evolution from the internal to the external. I am to work on my formative karmic wounds until I am authentically whole and healed in this lifetime to want to shift my mindset as much as I am able into unconditional, expressive compassion.

I understand that my not accomplishing this task in this short life span will only cause me despair and add to the world’s collective misery. And since I understand this short stint of transformational accomplishment to be the real reason for our passage here in human form at this moment on earth, I also understand that death, as much as it is scary because it is an unknown end-point accompanied by active physical breakdown, is a non-negotiable necessity. Death, the acceleration at the end of a lifetime of dying, a lifetime in which we are to hustle hard out of complacency to make ourselves more connected to the divine, may be more the anodyne to life’s suffering than we realize. Because we die, we must live.

Indeed, our mortality and the fear it inspires determines everything. But if we are willing to examine our reality for what it is, and come to accept the fact that we are all on a trajectory to death, the end transformation of human form, we can begin to try to shift our staunch and limiting views to elevated, universal ones.


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