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Reality or Rabbit Hole?

Reality comes from realty, meaning, “actually existing, having physical existence, not imaginary." This means that to deal in reality we must deal with the actual, the tangible, the extant, not what is imagined by our minds.

But how can we discern what’s real from false, from the imagined, from the nonexistent? Our very imaginations can make us think that we know the difference. We are confident we can discern what we’re imagining versus what is real. But all of us fall prey to the rabbit hole of thought: one faulty thought can lead to the next, and the next thing you know you’ve been living decades in a false narrative about who you are, how you need to be, whom you're surrounded by, what fulfills you.

So how do we correct this scary deviation? It may be simpler than we think. Whatever thought process keeps us perpetually stuck in a situation is not one based in reality. Truly, only thought processes garnered from the concrete facts of our individual and collective existences over time, will move us forward. Sometimes the forward motion takes time, but if the driving thought is based in reality it will eventually function, triumph, and shape our course.

A powerful reason for needing to be real about our reality is it will allow us to make better decisions at the end of life. If you aren’t real about your mortality, willing to think about where you are in your trajectory, you may mistake where you are in your evolution. Ultimately, being grounded in the facts of your life is the best way you can make decisions which achieve peace. 


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