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Our Noisy World: Part 1

There's so much noise in the world right now. It blares incessantly. And like moths to a blazing beacon of light, we are tempted by the noise, drawn by the distraction. We keep thinking it will make us feel better, soothe us, fill our time. But the voices and messages in the media, on social media, in our entertainment are not sating any need. They are driving us crazy. They are destabilizing our internal voices.

Contrary to current metaphysical thought, we do need our internal voices. Our personal voices drive us forward. But we need a tempering perspective on our internal voices. And this comes from intermittent silence, not constant noise. It isn't from a barrage of superficial stimulation pumped minute-by-minute into us that we gain insight as to our own train of being. It isn't by substituting one noise for another, or by finding our own louder noise to respond that we achieve peace. It's in choosing silence that we can settle how we think, and thereby orient ourselves with clarity for our higher potential in our real world.

It is key that we sit periodically with ourselves in silence. This means cutting off all the distractions of noise for real periods of time. Yet, although everyone is capable of doing so, most are fearful of doing so. They have not really listened to the sound of their own mind, and then made the effort to soothe and balance it. They have not taken the time to observe the chatter impartially in order to rectify where it goes off course. They have not tried to self-soothe the voice down to quiet contentment.

Silence, at first, can be frightening. We can hear ourselves and may not like what we are hearing. We can't drown out the thoughts which derail us or trigger us. But the more you practice sitting in silence, acquiescing to its superiority, the more you begin to hear the whisper in the trees, or feel the glassy presence of a full moon on a brisk night. For it is not in the noise that meaning arises, but in the pauses. We are not living and searching for meaning. We are already steeped in meaning directly, and we need to still ourselves, slow our voices down to a calm tone which drifts off, to allow real space to notice what we've been missing. Stop the noise in your world, both what you create and what you imbibe, and start noticing the magical fullness in everything unspoken.


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