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Making a Point

A lot of us are about making a point. We want to be right, to prove to the universe and ourselves that what we say and do counts. It is very hard to let go of wanting to be correct, wanting our mindset to dominate, of wanting to drive our point of view home. But it is crucial that we do so, because making a point comes at a great cost.

Making a point can often run counter to how the universe works. If we stop and sit in silence, if we allow ourselves the opportunity to slow down, if we stop talking and hearing our own voices, we come to realize that making a point is just about us. It is only our need to make ourselves known, our viewpoint, in a sea of such chatter from others. But the overarching stillness which prevails, where no point except our ephemerality and the universe's timelessness is made, no voice or words are spoken, is where the truth lies. If you align yourself with that truth, that quiet balance, there becomes less and less of a need to be right, to have the ego dominate.

This is why making a point has such a high cost. It often utilizes energy to run counter to what's necessary. This does not mean that action doesn't matter. But authentic action will always, in and of itself, make the point it needs to make. Anything beyond this, anything done solely for the ego's sake, to try to prove that one is superior and better, will be a costly, ultimately invalid expression of energy.

Stop working so hard to make a point. Instead try to make every word and action matter. Try to be authentic to who you are, in a way which resonates with the stillness around. More words, more agitation, more posturing, more trying to prove how good and great you are means nothing. You are part of the universe; not an independent agent, and certainly not God. It is unnecessary to show anything to anyone. Just try to live by your word and be as decent to others as you can.


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