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Healing vs. Cure

Healing and cure are two different entities. Cure, a medical term, doesn’t often come without cost. It is a medicinal or medical “fix “whereby the problem that existed is supposedly resolved.

Healing is very different, and it’s a part of the palliative mindset. While we don’t cure dying, we can indeed heal to die well. Healing is a process of restoration of the soul which can extend to the physical body, but doesn’t always.

Healing takes time, effort. Healing is hard work. It is not invasive or superimposed or excising like cure, but comes pervasively from the inside out. It comes from a deep desire to understand whence arises our woundedness. Healing entails having a humbleness to know that you can’t solve everything in this world but you can work on reframing your mindset, rewiring yourself to know self-love, real gratitude, and real respect for the divine.

While many of us in this technologically deceptive world seek cure, what we should be seeking is healing. Really, there is no such entity as cure, especially unconditional cure. What matters more, especially to die well, to die in peace, is being healed from the heart out.


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