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Fear? Or Love?

Do you operate out of fear or love? It’s so easy to operate out of fear, it’s the default position we’re born into. And unless we make great strides to operate out of love, it is easy to fall back on the reasoning of fear, which can yield some effect – but not like the liberating effect of love.

To relinquish fear-based thought, an addiction to worrying, you must work on yourself. Releasing fear-based thought revolves around being present in the moment – mindfulness – and relinquishing the desire to control. This means relinquishing the desire to control narratives, the outcomes of anything you can think of, including relationships. Instead, you must focus on the present and what you can do about yourself and operating from the highest choice. In choosing to do so, you have a real chance of gradually manifesting your outcome, but through the divine, not chanceful coercion.

Fear-based thought and action is self-centered. It worries about the preservation of self. Love-based thought is centered on trying to do one’s best in every situation. It honors the self but honors the divine connection also. And in trying to be the best selves we can before we pass, aiming for love over fear is wise.

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