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COVID-19: Where are the answers?

We all want certainty: COVID-19 will officially end on this date. We will have a vaccine by this date. We will no longer have pandemics of any type. Our economy will bounce right back once we've wrapped up this pandemic thing. We crave certainty so much that we've even set an arbitrary re-open date. We will re-open the economy, although nothing has really changed. This is the madness, the affliction of mankind, trying to constantly create certainty in a world which makes no sense to us in human form.

There is no such thing as certainty. Except death, which means that death must be damn important. There is no certainty of happiness, of peace, of health, of sustenance. The only certainty we have besides death is that there is no certainty. There is only change.

In these times where we are even more desperate for reassurance, for certainty, it is imperative to do what is contrary to our nature. In times of increased turbulence and change, rather than try to control more, to assign arbitrary meaning to a nebulous, larger-than-life situation, we need to relinquish ourselves. Just like with true dying, it does no good to pretend like it isn't real or happening, to call it something else, to try to control and change it according to our liking.

We need to practice the virtues of real acceptance, real humility, real stillness, and allow the swirling changes around to run their course. This doesn't mean we shouldn't be actively working on a solution but that movements of the universe are larger than us, and to wrap our heads around them we need an unclear amount of divine time. The only way we can truly change the course of events is to get at their root cause and work our way through them. And this takes patience and an understanding that nothing is guaranteed. Everything short of that is just posturings of our uncertainty.


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