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COVID-19: Should We Go Back?

We were living full throttle before. For years. We all sensed we were, although we may or may not have wanted to admit it. Our lives were consumed with self-created busyness, a constant freneticism towards trying to make sure in our minds we were keeping up. Some of it was real; much of it was not.

It took the coronavirus for us to stop. It took a pandemic, created in essence from our very mindset of constant competition to supersede, to grind us to a halt. And although no one wants death and destruction, no one wants to deal directly with mortality, the countering of our crazy busyness was perhaps something we subconsciously wanted. For those of us old enough, we remember a slower pace, we remember when we had the bliss of endless time, the spur of boredom, zero distraction.

We have slowed down to this old-fashioned pace. I personally like it. I like the slower rhythm of our days without having to race from one thing to the next. I think the world needed it, too, a slowdown - and it wasn't going to come in any other way than by our doing, our unconscious manifestation. We can see to the bottom of the canals in Venice, breathe the air in Los Angeles, we can see the Himalayas after decades.

It begs the question, were we doing the right thing before? Was our race to utilize, conquer, consume, out-earn, the right way? Was our refutation of mortality, the one thing which brings us to our senses, a good thing? Even if we try to deny it, even if we try to return without thinking to what we were before, robots in an artificial race, the truth still stands, gnawing away subconsciously at us. Should we really be going back to what we were before?


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