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COVID-19: Shame on Gain of Function

I deal daily with death. I can firmly aver that dying is not an easy process. It is an inevitable outcome of the rapid or slow destruction and decay of our bodies. Once it is launched, we have no choice in the matter but to follow through. But rather than choose to deferentially respect mortality by understanding it better, we choose to attempt to shun it and ignorantly lord ourselves over it. From this utmost conceit, we have many on this planet who – because of their unfortunate nescience and therefore lack of respect for the dying process - are too cavalier about death. They have no respect for what it means. They then play too glibly with its fire.

This may come in the form of a despot. This may come in the form of a murderer. It may also come in the form of people in positions of power who don’t speak rationally, choose to not speak or enact the truth to protect humanity. From the beginning of this pandemic, it was a strong possibility given the stark facts of the situation, that the virus was engineered and accidentally released. Although it was highly plausible, it could not be spoken about because of the oppressive climate of truth-telling in the world – which has always existed.

But there is more. It turns out that manipulating and engineering viruses to greater virulence, entitled “gain of function,” was encouraged. The inane reason given for this was to create the very source of a pandemic in order to study it. Well, we have likely had the result of gain of function via COVID-19, with a current global death toll of likely 7 million - yes, we’ve been underreporting that, too. We have gotten what we sought with our playing god, to study a tragedy in action.

When will we respect death? When will we stop trying to create devastating scenarios for mankind, stop trying to engender and debase death like capricious gods? In most not knowing death intimately, they become conceited about its lack of importance to them. We should never be cavalier about causing mortality – especially when we did not need to. We cannot help but live in a world where mortality is our norm, but caring so little about how it occurs, how we make it occur, how we make it play out, is truly shameful.


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