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COVID-19: It's a Transformation

We've been through different phases of this COVID thing. We've been through surprise; then buckling down to see this thing through because we're good citizens; then letting loose because we've been through weeks of hell; then being startled because this COVID thing doesn't seem to be following our timeline or rules. Here we are now, feeling worn out a bit. This may very well be the phase of fatigue, recognizing that we're stuck in something much bigger than us.

That's the thing with transformations. They occur on divine timing. Time is an arbitrary construct, of utility in mapping out our lives. But time as we know it may not be linear at all, and the universe may run its agenda in a way inconceivable to us. Transformational change - which pandemics bring about - may indeed not be contained neatly in a few years. Or in one's lifetime. Or even in eons. Transformational change, shifting from one gargantuan state to another, takes time to understand, takes hindsight to appraise.

We are within a form of transformational change. We are in a new era of spreading pestilence, war with each other, and famine for the truth. This will not be a simple period to wrap up neatly and package into platitudes for our consumption. This is potentially a lengthy new era, one to which we must adapt with unfailing equanimity. It is understandable then that we might be feeling fearfully fatigued. We are starting to really sense that this may take time and that we won't be the same after. No matter how much we crave them, meaning or outcome are not handily ready. The only weapon we have in our armamentarium is relinquishing through the practice of patience. We need to practice the highest virtues now to see us through a process which we are in, but which is not ours to run.


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