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To Speak or Not To Speak

I'm victim to wanting to speak my mind. What comes into my mind, I'd like to say. But with this, I've always recognized that once my words came out they changed. Sometimes they changed radically. It wasn't that I changed what I said or how I intended to say it, but that once words are born, are verbalized or written into life, they are no longer safe in the womb of your mind. They take independent flight and are morphed by how they might be interpreted. It's like setting a flock of doves free to fly and watching them change into geese.

This begs the question, how much should we speak? What should we retain for ourselves? I would advocate retaining more for yourself than you are doing now. This doesn't mean holding back or not engaging, but allowing what you think time to gestate in peace, to evolve, to prepare itself for its birth. When we speak our minds too quickly we haven't yet finished drawing the picture in our mind. We give an unfinished product to the world. It's important to give space to words to become thoughts, space to thoughts to become ideas, and then space for ideas to mature cohesively and substantively into spoken or written entities for birth. This is the space of the mind over time.

Think of this space, your expansive mind, as the creative playpen for your thoughts. This is where they are safe, under your watchful tutelage for development. If you let them out too soon they will not have the maturity to be meaningful. If you never let them out, they may be stifled in their evolution. You need to let them free when they are fleshed out and ready to fly. Keeping them for the time being during development in the safe space of your mind, a place of peace, is prudent until you know that your words are truthful, objective, sincere, and sprung from skilled experience, study, deep understanding, and compassion.

When you are mindful that your thoughts are not ready for birth, that they are better kept quietly private a little longer so that you can reflect on them and hone in on what you really would like to express, savor it. As with the time of physical gestation of pregnancy, the time of intellectual gestation - of alignment from mind to mouth before birth of a word - is a beautiful time of growth. The lifetime it takes to finally utter a truth is an incredible journey of discovery. Lest you want to speak your mind too soon, before your words are really you, think again. As with everything, let your words, too, come with divine timing.


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