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One of the most important things that mortality does is allow us to focus on the present. Mortality is the real reason for mindfulness, for we know that tomorrow soon we shall pass. In the present moment there is the divine, chance for a connection to the universe. It cannot be sought in the future or in the past, but only in the present moment, and only with steadiness a focus.

Being able to be mindful allows us to see the true poetry in the world. We can step back from our busyness, and begin to see the whole picture. And much of the whole picture of the divine lies in nature. It is nature’s expression of the divine which can easily remind us of the miracles abounding around us.

This autumn, as fall is now upon us, take the time to pay attention to the seasonal details. Listen for the small rustle of the papery leaves holding out in a descending gust. Notice how the statuesque and weary trees dismiss their parting leaves of bountiful variegation one by one. Feel the symbolism of the slowly cooling and darkening world, that winter is steadily encroaching daily. Feel the incremental ceasing of growth, and the mounting preparation for hibernation and slumber. Dying will soon be upon us. We are in autumn.

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