Putin on the Playground

It’s odd what’s transpiring in Eastern Europe. Almost surreal. Something seemingly out of another time, reminiscent of the heavy-handed brutality of the first two World Wars. It seems so out of place.

This is because the world has rapidly moved on since that time. Globality - whether we like it or not - has emerged and taken precedence on some level. This doesn’t mean that globalization is the answer to everything - it is not. Regionality, local identity, are still crucial because we actually live in a material world. The digitized global world is, after all, predicated on concrete energies powering communication and distribution in forms like the World Wide Web and international travel. Yet, nonetheless, there is a connectivity, an elevated awareness which has been shared via mass global communication, the likes of which have never been seen historically before.

So, to witness Putin in his crude territorial motivations, seems anachronistic. He appears as the out-of-place bully on the playground, one full of posturing swagger who at one time might have had power, but who now missed the memo in the evolution of emotional wisdom. It’s as if he is trying to play by a different rule book, one which lost its utility decades ago. It’s as if he’s attempting to drag us back into a dysfunctional masculinity-dominated construct which only thrives on unhealthy domination and control, not equitability and self-fulfillment.

For, no one evolved now wants war. No one wants brutality. We know we are tired and weary of violence. We are tired of toxic displays of unbridled masculinity. We need values which uphold mutual respect, decency, and kindness. Once you wake up to this formidable concept, once you open your eyes to love and letting go, you don’t want to go back. We want a happier, healthier playground for all.