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Another Platform!

It’s hard to get a message out. Especially one that people don’t feel they need. Mortality is that message. It’s not a message that we will die. We know that already. It’s not even a message of how scared we are of the unknown of mortality. That is important but is still peripheral. It is that mortality exists for us to begin upheaving our lives in the direction of true betterment, true spiritual enlightenment and connection. Life is nothing without mortality.

To that end, my end of trying to educate others about this critical message – why embracing our mortality is essential even if it terrifies us, – I have started this blog. I have also just started a podcast, The Prognosis Podcast, which can be found on:

As I'm not someone who loves social media, this is a big step for me. But I feel the message is so valuable and that the world still has such a long ways to go in terms of rebalancing its focus, that I am willing to take a step into the more public area of the internet to impart my thoughts and feelings.

I’ll keep plugging away at delivering this message. I figure it’ll take time to get people on board with something they don’t yet know they need to enhance their lives. If you enjoy or are interested in this blog, please also visit my podcast, and subscribe, like, and share. The best way to jump-start getting this powerful message out is the old fashioned way, by heartfelt word of mouth. Thank you!


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